As India enters the next level of cultural growth and development, villages and small towns will become the hotbeds of sustainable technologies. They will hold the key to India's sustainability dreams and help the citizens in smartly, managing their consumption without overburdening the environment. Moreover, the culture that exists in remote villages and small towns are getting lost due to massive migration towards cities. Villages are getting abundant affecting the root of our culture and heritage. 

Ecotopia ( an initiative of "Sri Ram Ashram Charitable Trust") comes from the name of an ecological utopia.  The ecological utopian society describes new ways in which society should relate to nature. These works perceive a widening gap between the modern western way of living that destroys nature and a more traditional way of living along with nature. Ecological utopias advocate a society that is more sustainable.


Exchange programs for the community and by the community will self-sustain different aspects of livelihood resulting in restoring our cultural growth and leading towards  Utopian development.


1. Swami Nirmal Das

2. Swami Ananda Das

3. Swami Aditi Das

4. Swami Ramgopal Das

5. Swami Lakshmi Narayan Das

6. Baitanik Ghosh

Executive Members

1. Sukram Vishwakarma

2. Ramayan Bhandari

3. Kavita Ghosh

4. Shashi kant Rai

5. Jagmohan Bhandari

6. Tushar Bhattacharya

7. Suresh