Eco Tourism

Mindful tourism starts from balancing the needs of oneself with the needs of the environment. Tourism help stop migration of natives who wander off to far away places in search of livelihood. Eco tourism benefits both the travellers and the natives. While the travellers get to understand the true essence of the people and places they are visiting, the natives get reassurance while asharing their heritage with the people from outside.

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Therapeutic Adventure

Thoughtful engagement in activities such as Camping, Cave dwelling, adventure courses give a very different experience to the persons who seek to engage in meaningful experiences.  

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Adventure Cafe

Adventure cafe provides the opportunity for exploring different adventure sports. Apart from Adrenaline boost and thrilling experience you will also remember this  for bonding with a team of people while having fun.


Village Tours 

Village tours give a broad idea of village dwelling and engagement of the village folk in their day to day activities. It gives a first hand impression of how simple village life is so intricately woven around the basic necessities of life.

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Cultural Home Stays

Through Cultural homestays one gets the experience of spending quality time in traditionally built homes and experiencing the simplicity of life.