Few basic aspects integral to the concept of sustainability are self-sufficiency in terms of meeting one’s need for food. A typical unit or house needs to have basic necessities in place for it to function as a wholesome system.


Agriculture & Marketing

Produce of the house can not only be consumed by the growers but can also be sold to the outside consumers for economic growth. Agriculture and marketing is aimed at helping the villagers learn the means and methods to reach out to the last consumers to sell their produce. 


Sustainable Village Program

The horticulture related initiative is aimed at strengthening the already prevalent ways of farming. It included talking about and setting up Vermi compost pits and regular compost pits to enable organic farming.

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Animal rearing

Animal rearing: Under animal rearing, programmes are organised to share ways of rearing animals so as to meet different needs of  an individual/family. Giving exposure of small poultry, fisheries and cattle rearing is part of the programme.