Natural Resources

Natural resources and methods provide abundant opportunities to us for pollution free living. In usual day to day life, there is a high cost of resources and indiscriminate use of these resources put up a pressure in environmental balance too. Natural resource management approaches can be adopted at individual household or community level to harvest the natural occurring resources for meeting our routine needs.

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Bio Gas plant

This is a very effective system of using crop residue, food waste and other biodegradable waste to produce methane, also called the biogas. This gas can be used in cooking and heating water. 

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Water harvesting

Simple structures can be built to store rain water that can be used when water is scarce. 


Solar powers

Solar panels tap the energy of the sun to generate electricity. Solar panels can be set up to harvest solar power and turn it to electricity.

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Traditional Living

Resource management is hidden everywhere even the utensils we eat in and the way food is stored without electronic devices. Our programmes aim to document, preserve and propagate such traditional practices that are environment friendly and are cost effective.